The Blue Duck

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We have moved!  Come visit us at our new location on the Washington Riverfront!
We are now located at 516 West Front St., Washington MO 63090


Our Menu




Nachos - $8.50
Corn chips with fresh jalapeno, Monterey Jack cheese, chicken, diced tomatoes, and diced avocado. Served with sides of salsa and sour cream.

Salads and Soups

House Salad - $3.50

Spinach Salad - half $4.50/$7.00
Fresh spinach, red onion, mushrooms, bacon bits, crumbled feta cheese, and honey chipotle vinaigrette

Chicken Bacon Ranch*
- $9.00
Romaine lettuce, red onion, tomato, jack cheese, avocado, bacon, chicken, pepperoncini, and ranch dressing.

Cobb Salad* - $9.00
Mixed spring lettuces, diced chicken breast, bacon, avocado, feta cheese, hard-cooked egg, tomato, and red onion.  Served with honey chipotle vinaigrette.

Apple Harvest Salad* - $9
Spring mix with toasted walnuts, goat cheese, red onion, diced chicken, diced apples and dried cranberries, served with balsamic vinaigrette

Soups - Cream of Mushroom, Chicken Tortilla or Soup of the Day (upcharge may apply)
Cup - $3.00
Bowl - $5.00

Soup and Salad - $8.00
Cup of soup with a half portion of one of our specialty salads (* denotes specialty salad)


Ducklings (12 and under)

Kid's Grilled Cheese - $3.00
Kid's Salad - $3.00
Kid's Nachos - $3.00
Kid's Ham/Turkey and Cheese - $3.00
Served with grapes.  Add a kids drink for $1.00.









All Blue Duck sandwiches are served with choice of potato chips, slaw, potato salad, seasonal fruit, side salad, or chips & salsa. Substitute a cup of soup for $1.50, bowl for $3.00, or specialty salad for $3.50.

Apple Monsieur - half $5.00/full $8.00
Ham, cheddar, bacon, sliced apple, spicy mustard and apple butter on brioche.

Chicken Club - half $6.00/full $9.00
Marinated chicken breast, bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, and honey chipotle mayonnaise served on green chile cheese bread.

Smoked Meat - half $6.00/full $9.00
House cured and smoked brisket with Swiss cheese and spicy mustard on rye.

Reuben - half $6.5/full $10.00
Smoked meat, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut with honey chipotle mayonnaise and spicy mustard served on rye bread.

Pesto Chicken - half $6.00/full $9.00
Marinated chicken breast, bacon, Jack cheese, mixed spring lettuce, tomato and pesto sauce, served on herb focaccia.

Traditional Club - $8.00
Honey ham, turkey breast, bacon, cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise served on sourdough bread.

BLT - half $4.50/full $7.00
Classic bacon, lettuce and tomato with honey chipotle mayonnaise on choice of bread.

DLT (duck, lettuce, tomato) - $9.00
House cured and smoked duck, lettuce, tomato and fried egg with honey chipotle mayonnaise on sourdough.

Portobello - half $5.00/full $8.00
Portobello mushroom, artichoke, pickled caramelized onions, jack cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on challah.

Rollup - $9.00
Spinach flour tortilla filled with chicken breast, bacon, avocado, romaine lettuce, onion, tomato, Monterey jack cheese and honey chipotle mayonnaise.

Chicken Salad Sandwich - half $5.00/full $8.00
Chicken salad served with lettuce and tomato on challah bread.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - half $6.00/full $9.00
Pulled pork with pickled red onions, Jack cheese and honey chipotle mayonnaise on challah.

Grilled Cheese - half $5.00/full $8.00
Cheddar,smoked pear and apple butter and house cured ancho bacon on pumpernickel.

Side Orders

$2.00 each
Potato salad, cole slaw, potato chips, fresh fruit, chips and salsa, side salad






Blue Duck Specialties

Quiche - $8.00
House made quiche served with side salad and fresh seasonal fruit.  Choose from bacon and onion or spinach and feta.

Eggplant Napoleon - $8.50
Layers of eggplant, tomato and feta cheese drizzled with pesto oil.  Served with side salad and fresh seasonal fruit.